Reviews of Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash

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Pros: Great exfoliator and cleanser, removes dirt and sebum
Cons: -

Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash is a shampoo, but it’s not a standard shampoo you can buy everywhere. It’s a very nice exfoliator that removes sebum, dead cells, and dirt without damaging the scalp. It contains several natural extracts rich which acids. The acids are what perform the exfoliation. After you wash your head, you can feel freshness. Hair and scalp become clean. The shampoo has a pleasant scent and gives a pleasant aroma to the hair. It is a nice and effective product, but you can’t use it every day. It contains AHA and if you use it daily you can wash off all the positive bacteria from your scalp and damage hair. It’s recommended to use it once a week. Follow this rule if you want to have a really enjoyable experience with this product.

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