Reviews of Icon Skin Supreme Glow 3d Vitamin Serum

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Pros: Makes skin tone even, reduces redness
Cons: High price

The serum isn’t cheap but I decided to give it a try. I used the product for more than a month. Vitamin C is the main active component in this serum. But it’s not the only. The manufacturer had put some more nice and effective ingredients to make the product better. Unfortunately, there was no instruction on how to use the product, so I applied it twice a day. One bottle of serum lasts about a month if you use it like this. It really affected my skin in a positive way. It reduced redness and made the skin tone more even. I noticed that small capillaries became less visible. It also helps to moisturize the skin a little, but if you have dryness, you will hardly be satisfied. After a month of regular usage, my skin looks a little bit healthier and fresh. Will I buy this product again? Yes, I like how it works in general. It is effective and I can see the result.

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